Fiber Connection Offers New Opportunities

Fiber Connection Offers New Opportunities

It is no surprise that in this current economic climate businesses are looking to consolidate their operating costs while continuing to maintain high quality product and service offerings.

Technology group Everest BBN is working with building management companies across New York and New Jersey to help them reduce their business broadband and telecommunications expenditure, by replacing their existing copper wire to a fiber cable.

Not only is fiber a more cost effective solution, it is also faster, more reliable, has no outages, is non-flammable and provides a higher level of security.

The most recent building to benefit from Everest BBN’s installation of a fiber line is One Woodbridge Center, located in Woodbridge, New Jersey. “Being able to offer high speed Internet through a fiber connection will open up many opportunities for our tenants,” explains Woodbridge Office Associates LLC, Vice President of Operations Jack Ross. “It will also attract financial companies as they require broader bandwidth than what we were offering.”

Everest BBN Owner, Michael Panayiotis is pleased to partner with Woodbridge Office Associates LLC, and sees it as the next evolution in their longstanding partnership of 10 years. Panayiotis said “we believe it is imperative to help our clients keep ahead of the game, reducing expenses relating to technology infrastruture during these times, while staying advanced is vital.”

About Everest Broadband Networks

Everest Broadband Networks (Everest BBN) has been providing integrated IT communications solutions for businesses of all sizes for over 12 years. Everest BBN is a full service Internet provider, which delivers superior personal service, tailored voice and data solutions and access to highly experienced systems engineers. Projects are managed by a team of dedicated network engineers, who partner with customers at every stage, from the initial system assessment to complete product implementation and ongoing maintenance support.

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Continental Properties™, one of the largest and most successful residential building and development organizations in the tri-state region, was founded over 50 years ago by Erwin Fisch. The development activities of Continental Properties™ now include award-winning communities throughout New Jersey, New York, Florida and other states. Continental Properties™, prides itself on understanding the needs of every type of renter or homebuyer, from young people renting or buying their first residence, to growing families whose needs are changing, to senior citizens who are looking for maintenance-free living. Continental Properties™ has developed, owns and manages thousands of apartments in dozens of rental communities. In addition, it has built over 45,000 homes over the past 50 years.

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