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Everest Broadband gives your companies more leads, customers and money.

Why Partner with Everest Broadband Services?

Everest Broadband works with many independent agents and partners throughout the USA and abroad, we offer our innovative solutions to be custom tailored to end-users based on the industry sector of that business as well as any budget constraints. Companies involved with commercial relocation services such as furnishing companies, movers, IT support, realtors, property managers and others can make additional revenues from referring such business to Everest.

We also have the Everest co-branded and reseller program so that industry service providers can own the entire client relationship and build their revenues through an open-door policy of sales and marketing.

Technology Companies

Service providers, IT support companies, cabling companies, hardware and software providers, wireless companies, cable operators, content providers, Int’l carriers, cloud based platforms and all types of application and infrastructure providers can brand our services completely through our white labeled service offerings.

Real Estate Agents

Many commercial realtors, property managers as well as small building owners can now take advantage of the fastest and most reliable, fiber-optic services available in the USA.

Through our “revenue sharing” program, many buildings can be completely wired with cutting edge optical fiber and attract the most demanding of internet users into their buildings and campus environments; from a 4 story townhouse on the lower west side of NYC to a 56 stories hotel tower and resort, Everest is there to support your cutting edge technology services.

Construction Companies

And related contractors and architects can now work closely with Everest to deliver customized technology and modern office space solutions to their clients. Whether it’s an entire building or a modern, state of the art office complex, contact Everest early in the construction process for hidden wiring and technology without sacrificing speed and performance.

Everest has cabled thousands of demanding financial trading services companies with everything they need to be successful – we specialize in all Low voltage services including hi-speed internet access and related data and voice networks.

Other Fields of Business

Regardless of the vertical industry sector that your company is involved with, Everest Broadband can help you grow revenues.

First – Hi-speed internet access and related network services. Secondly – local, Int’l hi-volume phone services, call centers, and automated response systems for all phone calling applications and devices. Thirdly – Optical fiber and other low voltage cabling for an entire building, campus center and even a community. Lastly – Local area networks, email applications, cybersecurity and small office IT services.

If you find that your clients need any of these services, partner with Everest and we’ll quickly deliver these modern technology solutions to your clients and earn a revenue stream while doing so. Call us for more info on these exciting partner services.

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